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Finding Teacher & Life Balance Through Identifying & Overcoming Overwhelm:

a Conversation with Teacher & Life Coach, Krystal

On the 19th episode of Making the Grade Podcast, Georgia and Christine connect with Krystal, a middle school teacher & life coach who has over 18 years of experience in the classroom. A fellow educator from Canada, Krystal is passionate about supporting educators to avoid burnout through intentional practices. Krystal candidly shares her own personal story of feeling burnt out, which just so happens to coincide with the year she won an award for teaching.

As relatable and funny as Krystal is, she’s also pointedly honest in unpacking the feeling of overwhelm (hint: maybe it is all the sports your kids do!). She has some great wisdom from balancing teaching full time, being a mom, and coaching teachers. She highlights some of the differences between being a teacher in Canada vs the US, and you don’t want to miss her incredible idea for a book!

This episode covers a lot: time management, letting go of unreasonable expectations (that we put on ourselves), & helping to identify “struggle strategies”, like procrastination. Krystal’s realistic approach to finding balance will inspire you to get brutally honest about taking something off your plate. Tune in if you want to hear a “Golden Apple” worthy educator! 🍎

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Episode Topics:

  1. Time management tools

  2. Letting go of unrealistic expectations

  3. Identifying "struggle strategies" like procrastination

  4. Avoiding burnout

  5. Balancing teacher and mom life

  6. Being an entrepreneur and educator at the same time!

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