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The Full Story

We're Christine and Georgia. 

We first met in college in 2006 and have been best friends ever since!


We both spent many years as classroom teachers, and now our paths have pivoted.  Christine still works in education, and Georgia is on a different journey.


Our podcast is for current & former teachers to share notes, define success & assess their own happiness in the classroom and beyond.


More about Georgia

Georgia began teaching right after college and most recently was a pre-k teacher at a public school for 9 years until June of 2022.


Leaving the classroom had nothing to do with Georgia’s love of students and fellow teachers, or of being an educator! In fact, teachers are one group of people she works with in her business, and she uses her own teacher skills every day in her new creative design career too.

Georgia says “I truly believe teachers can do ANYTHING and I can help you create more balance in the classroom, get clarity about entrepreneurship, or establish your own online brand if you decide it’s for you.”

Georgia currently travels in a camper van with her fiancé and dog, but she makes plenty of time for her clients and for working on the Making the Grade podcast with Christine to empower teachers on the fence about leaving the classroom to make the decision that’s right for them and get the most success and joy out of their lives.

More about Christine

Christine is a former K - 12 special education teacher of 9 years who currently works with undergraduate & graduate students in all areas of supporting new teachers.

Since leaving the classroom, she has been tutoring, instructing workshops, & teaching classes at local colleges in areas of teacher training.


She also became trained in executive functioning & has done some coaching with children - adults in areas of: organization, project management, & creating meaningful habits in daily living.


She loves when she is able to combine all of these skills to help all individuals, but teachers remain her favorite clients! When she isn't wearing her teacher hat, Christine enjoys spending time with her 2 young children, husband, dog & big family enjoying all 4 seasons in New England.

More on Making the Grade

Throughout history in the US, teaching has been an essential profession that supports the next generation. However, as the world continues to evolve, the education system seems to be years behind in many ways. “Making the Grade” explores the metrics of success in the modern-day classroom with current and former educators. We look at the unrealistic standards that many feel they need to live up to in order to thrive & remind them

it's okay to measure success with your own ruler.

Schools are now seeing alarming shortages where jobs used to be highly competitive. Why are teachers leaving the field at unprecedented rates? Many educators have left the classroom in pursuit of passions in totally different career paths (like Georgia), while others remain in education but pivot into new roles (like Christine). What factors contribute to these decisions to pivot from a career that many have spent their lives chasing? What, if anything, would change their minds about doing so?


And, what do educators in the field want us to know about their hopes, hardships & dreams?

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